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    Recommended Articles For Blue Dragon School Students (Getting Started):
    "Think About It! Pa Kua Chang's Infinite Strategies" (Inside Kung Fu Magazine, May, 1995) "Yin & Yang" (Fall, 1996) "Applied Yin & Yang" (Aug & Sept, 1999) "Yi Jing, The Book of Changes" (First half of 1998) "Wu Xing, The Five Elements" (Late 1998 - Early 1999) "Instructional Series: The Magic of the Circle" (Apr, '01) "Stretching For Action" (Spring, '02) "More Than A Warm-up" (Spring, '02) "Dou Zhang: Your First Palm Exercise" (Summer, '02) "Seize & Control" (Aug/Sept, '02) "How is Ba Gua Zhang Different" (Oct, '02) "How Is Ba Gua Zhang Different - Part 2" ....

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  • Article Archives 1995-2006

    This archived article list exists as a reference for students who are familiar with our former website and wish to find articles they are familiar with under their original title. All future articles will be featured in our blog. (Unless otherwise noted, all articles are written by Shifu Ahles) "Yin & Yang" (Fall, 1996) "Did we really need Bruce Lee?" (May, 1998) "First Step" (May, 1998) "Mastery" (Nov. '98) "Yi Jing, The Book of Changes" (First half of 1998) "Applied Yin & Yang" (Aug & Sept, 1999) "Wu Xing, The Five Elements" (Late 1998-Early 1999) "On Benevolence" by Gerard Servito (Oct, '99) "Two Brothers" (March, 1999) "Acquired Skill" (Nov, ....

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  •  in Bergenfield - Blue Dragon School Of Martial Arts - Respect: Earned and Given

    Respect: Earned and Given

    Respect is one of those hard to define qualities that can often be seen both by its presence and its absence. When it is present, it shows in the actions of those people who have it for other people. You can see it in how they treat the other people and in how they respond when asked or told to do something. When it is absent, you see it in the same way but the actions will be negative. When respect is given, people sometimes go out of their way to do what the respected person wants. They don’t mind doing the things asked nor do they expect anything in return. Giving respect sometimes comes because of who the person represents, not necessarily the person him- or herself. This ....

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  •  in Bergenfield - Blue Dragon School Of Martial Arts - Perfection – the Unattainable

    Perfection – the Unattainable

    In our overly-competitive world, it is easy to get immersed in the pursuit of perfection. There is stress when you have people over and you think the house is not like something out of Home Beautiful. More stress comes when the meal you prepare isn’t what someone would find in a world-class restaurant. You may be dissatisfied with yourself for not working hard enough for that promotion that someone else got. Striving for perfection is not a bad thing. In fact, it is often the way wondrous new inventions are developed and new discoveries are made. Having goals and desires that make you stretch yourself and lead you to perform better than anyone expects are good. Setting the bar ....

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  •  in Bergenfield - Blue Dragon School Of Martial Arts - The Importance of Hydration

    The Importance of Hydration

    If you participate in any sport, including martial arts, you should know the importance of hydration. Especially in the hot summer months, losing enough water from your body can lead to some significant health problems. Keep in mind you may not even feel that thirsty, especially when training in a cool environment. But it’s important for you to make yourself drink water and/or sports drinks to replenish the body fluids you lose. Good hydration begins before your training time. One factor in knowing the importance of hydration is knowing what the weather will be the day before you train. If you know it will be hot that day, be sure to drink plenty of good liquids then to prevent ....

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  • The History of Kung Fu

    The term kung fu is not just a term relating to martial arts in the Chinese language. It also has to do with anything that requires a dedication to achievement of that thing. Thus, the history of kung fu relates to many things. But the term has come to carry a reference to the martial arts mainly. The history of kung fu came from efforts to improve hunting skills to supply food and defensive skills to protect from attack. The history of kung fu may be traced back as far as 2698 B.C. in the rein of the Yellow Emperor Huangdi of China. It began as a form of wrestling taught to warriors and using horned helmets. Later, about 221 B.C., it evolved into use of blocks, joint locks, and ....

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  • Your Ego

    Everyone has an ego. One of the lessons to be learned is how to control your ego so it doesn’t bring you trouble. Many people have the idea that those involved in martial arts have a large ego. If you work hard and become better and better in the martial arts, your ego can get out of control. There are many examples of people who begin thinking they are better than others because of their training and skill in the martial arts. How does your ego get out of control in the martial arts? Consider this, in many sports the team is everything. If the team succeeds, everyone on it succeeds. You work hard for the team, the team works hard for you. But in the martial arts, the emphasis ....

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  • The Mind-Body Connection

    In many movies involving groups of people, usually men, being trained for some specific endeavor the idea of ‘getting your mind right’ in order to accomplish the training is typically seen. This is one way the mind-body connection can be explained. Nowhere is the idea of the mind-body connection clearer than in the martial arts. There has been much research into how this mind-body connection affects a person’s physical health. For example, emotional stress has been shown to lead to significant physical health problems. And most people understand how thinking you’re going to have a bad day usually leads to just that. With this kind of effect coming from the ....

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  • How Not To Be Selfish

    It seems our country is becoming more and more selfish every day. In order for us to succeed as a country and for you to succeed as a person, it’s important to learn how not to be selfish. It seems many people in our country encourage selfishness. But all selfishness does is hurt others, sow discord, and generally make everyone feel less than they are. You will end up losing relationships because trying to be a friend with a selfish person is very hard. To put an end to this kind of negativity, it’s important to learn how not to be selfish. First, learn to put yourself last. This concept is very different from that promoted by much of society. Society says to take care ....

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  • Meditation and Kung Fu

    The connection between meditation and kung fu goes back as far as the art has history. The tendency of many students of the martial arts is to think about what you have to do whether you’re using what you learn for self-defense or for winning matches (the sport side of the martial arts). When you start thinking, you’ll find things start going against you. Your thoughts often revolve around doubts and fears. Meditation and kung fu both help you get away from thinking. They help you learn to stay centered and depend on what you’ve learned and stored away within yourself from hours of practice. Staying centered through meditation and kung fu, you stay more alert and ....

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