Handling Challenges

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Everyone faces challenges in life, some are large, some are small. And everyone can use some tips on handling challenges.

Handling challenges is not always easy. At times it will require considerable labor, either physical or mental, sometimes both. And the challenge may not be something you want to face.

One of the questions to ask yourself when you’re faced with handling challenges is: Will I use this situation to become better than I was before, or will I shy away from the challenge and then beat myself up later?

Many times, you will be faced with handling challenges that are very negative. At those times, you have to choose whether to see the opportunity for personal growth or flood yourself with the “Why me?” types of questions.

Life is full of problems. Some of them are under your control, many are not. Some can be prevented, some can not. There will be times when handling challenges head-on is the best choice, but there are also times when you need help from others.

In general, when handling challenges a positive attitude is best. This won’t make the challenges go away, but it will help you think better and come up with creative ways of handling challenges. When other people are a part of the challenge, your positive attitude will be catching. This makes it easier to communicate clearly, whether the other people are the cause of the challenge or are helping you deal with it. All too often, emotions get in the way of handling challenges when other people are involved. Keeping a positive attitude will help everyone involved keep emotions under control.

When handling challenges, finding the cause of the challenge can often light the way for dealing with it. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore things that can then lead to these challenges instead of dealing with them early. When you can, it is easier to handle challenges by preventing them rather than putting off things that later lead to challenges.

At times, taking responsibility for things that happen is a good first step in handling challenges. When you admit to yourself and others that something you did or didn’t do led to the challenge, this frees you up to find more appropriate and adequate ways of dealing with them.

One great way to learn better how to handle challenges is through martial arts training. This kind of training will teach you the confidence and decision-making that will help you deal with challenges in all parts of your life.

Shifu Raymond Ahles at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is ready and able to help you in learning to take responsibility and learn better ways of handling challenges in martial arts. He will monitor your training and sparring and make suggestions when he sees some area in which you may be lacking. Contact him at 201-385-3130 today and get started or started again!

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