A New Year, A New Chance

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A new chance to face challenges in your life a different way. A better way. A way that leads to a better you.

Possibly even to seek out these challenges and actively choose a different way to meet them than you did in 2016. If you truly want a new year, a new chance, you must choose differently than you did before.

Doing the same thing in the same way only leads to the same results. If you really want a different you, then do things differently.

But not in a haphazard way. Decide what kind of you needs to take the place of the old you. Look back at how you handled things and see the results. If the results were not what you wanted, figure out how to do those things in a different way that will bring the results you do want.

One thing you may want to change is learning to be more focused. By staying alert and aware of what you’re doing, you can make fewer of the mistakes you made last year. Many people “zone out” when doing activities, going somewhere else in their minds rather than staying in the here and now and focusing on what they’re supposed to be doing. At times, this leads to accidents.

Some wise person once said if a man can focus on a problem for three minutes, he can solve anything that comes his way. In this day of instant this and instant that, three minutes is a lifetime. This may be a way to take advantage of a new year, a new chance for you.

Learning not to care so much what people think can be another way to let a new year, a new chance work for you. Too many times, people limit themselves from doing or saying something that may be important because they begin wondering what people will think if they do or say that thing.

Becoming a new you, a more prosperous you, a stronger you may involve giving up wondering what others will think.

Many times, people give up after failing at something. They convince themselves whatever it was may have been too hard or too far “above my station in life” for them to achieve. When you try something and it doesn’t turn out right or the way you wanted it to, back up, get away from the emotion of not succeeding, and figure out what you can do to make it more likely to achieve what you want.

If your intent in a new year, a new chance is to improve yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you may want to consider martial arts training. Shifu Raymond Ahles at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is ready and able to help you in practicing the basics of chi kung and in learning any other skills you want in martial arts. He will monitor your training and sparring and make suggestions when he sees some area in which you may be lacking. Contact him at 201-385-3130 today and get started or started again!

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