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The ancient Chinese exercises called chi kung has been around for thousands of years. They are so effective, they now are a part of the Chinese national medical system. Before starting any new exercise method, you need to check with your personal physician to make sure you’re healthy enough for the work out.

Nearly everyone can participate in chi kung. It is a method of exercise that is composed of slow and deliberate movements rather than strenuous working out. It also combines meditation and breathing exercises.

These movements are not designed to help you lose weight, although that may happen, or to increase your heart rate. They are designed to improve your circulation, balance, and to restore your energy.

Chi kung is especially good for beginning work outs and for others with health conditions. The very low impact exercises are also good for muscle control. Almost every muscle group is involved in the chi kung exercises.

Research has shown promising results with chi kung in lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, and lessening your chances of heart disease. It does seem to improve your overall fitness level.

Another positive for chi kung is the variety of ways to participate that are available. The possible styles of chi kung range from standing to sitting to lying down and meditating to some very complex movements. You can choose the style that best fits you and your physical condition.

Chi kung also is beneficial in lowering the overall effects of stress. Some participants feel increased relaxation within minutes of starting chi kung exercises.

Possibly the best benefit of this type of exercise is increased longevity and long-term health. Some practitioners believe it boosts the immune system, thereby increasing healthy life and decreasing aging. Some research has shown benefits among sufferers of stress-related illnesses like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

No matter your current physical condition or your illnesses, you can benefit from chi kung. Shifu Raymond Ahles at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is ready and able to help you in practicing the basics of chi kung and in learning any other skills you want in martial arts. He will monitor your training and sparring and make suggestions when he sees some area in which you may be lacking. Contact him at 201-385-3130 today and get started or started again.

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