The Basics Of Kung Fu

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Just as with most things in life, learning the basics of kung fu is the first step in mastering this martial art. Becoming an expert in the basics, the building blocks, propels you toward higher and higher goals in any endeavor.

Achieving mastery through hard work is the foundation of everything. In the beginning, learners know very little, if anything, about whatever they want to become skilled at. Growing to mastery is first being an expert on the basics. No matter what you’re learning.

At first in the process of learning kung fu, you’re asked to repeat certain exercises over and over. Can this become boring? Yes. But it is necessary, even vital. To learn the basics of kung fu, this kind of repetition is essential.

What are some of those basics of kung fu you must practice over and over? Learning and continuously practicing stances strengthens your legs. This builds strength that is necessary for endurance.

Repetition leads to the learning of proper forms. Proper forms lead to generating effective power. The kind of power that flows through your entire body from top to bottom.

Concentrating on just one action, coordinating your body with little effort is one of the basics of kung fu. This helps you learn to focus.

You must have discipline to withstand the pressure to give up. Constantly practicing the basics of kung fu is work – hard work. You must learn to withstand both physical and mental stress.

These basics of kung fu are useful in many other areas of your life, as well. Every skill you try to learn has certain stances and forms, requires concentration and coordination, and demands your discipline to stay with it until you achieve success.

Just like with the basics of kung fu, the basics of every skill must become second nature to you. You must learn to focus on them at first until they become automatic. Then and only then can you continue your journey toward achieving mastery of the skill you wish to acquire.

Along the way, you’ll face failure. No one gets everything perfect the first time. When you face this failure, what will you do?

Many whine and complain or quit and run away. In learning the basics of kung fu and every other skill you pursue, you have to decide what you will do. If you dig deep and find the strength and determination you need to complete the task at hand, the next hurdle will be that much easier to overcome.

Practicing and absorbing the basics of kung fu and any other pursuit in your life may not be easy, but it is fulfilling. Trust your sifu; learn to trust yourself.

Shifu Raymond Ahles at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is ready and able to help you in learning the basics of kung fu in reaching your goals. Contact him at 201-385-3130 today and get started or started again!

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