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One of the most satisfying parts of martial arts training is reaching your goals. And this activity is one the many that transfers from your training to your daily life.

In reaching your goals, it’s important to set realistic goals first. Make sure what you want to accomplish is something within your abilities. Many people say you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. That’s not necessarily true. Everyone has limitations of one kind or another that may keep you from achieving some goals.

Talk with your instructor and others who know you well. Check with them to see whether they think you can possibly reach the goal you set. Keep in mind they may not be right.

Once you set your goal, break it down into smaller goals that you can reach fairly quickly. As you reach each of these sub-goals, you’re more motivated toward reaching your goals. You see success after success and become more confident that you can get to that final goal.

As you’re working toward reaching your goals, you’ll run into obstacles. You may suffer an injury that keeps you from attending classes or practicing. These injuries may lead to you modifying your techniques, slowing down, or even stopping for a while. You must let your body heal. Pushing yourself when injured can lead to longer-term inability to work toward reaching your goals.

You may come upon a mental block that inhibits your work toward your goals. At times, these mental blocks can even be large enough to make you want to quit. The thing to do is keep on keeping on!

This is called going into your training with indomitable spirit. Keep going when everything seems so hard for you. If you keep going, you won’t fail. But if you quit, you’ve already failed.

Trust in the training process. Draw on the energy of others. Keep working toward reaching your goals!

Shifu Ahles at Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is ready and able to help you in reaching your goals. Contact him at 201-385-3130 today and get started or started again!

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