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The importance of the martial arts and focus becomes clearer as you consider how many hours a day people are plugged in to the electronic grid. Using smart phones, tablets, and computers takes up a great deal of time daily for the average person. And this becomes a habit.

A downside to this constant use of electronic gadgets is its theft of time that could be used much more productively. One article reported that young adults may spend as much time playing games on their devices over the course of their childhood as they spent in school.

When did they do homework? Or when did they have time to create or use their energy more productively? The answer most of the time is: They didn’t do these other things.

Children may be more positively affected by the martial arts and focus. They typically have rather short attention spans anyway, so the emphasis on learning to focus in their martial arts training will help them direct their attention to those activities that are most beneficial.

Learning how to focus attention on the task at hand will generalize from their martial arts training to school and home. Their listening skills will improve, as well.

How will training in the martial arts and focus help adults? Think about this: how often have you felt stuck. Doing something you didn’t really want to do, but felt like you had to do it.

Sometimes this condition is a result of lack of focus. We can get into ruts in our thinking, not making good choices on how we’re going to spend our lives. We make choices as we go, often without a great deal of thought and without a solid foundation.

In order to make better choices about our lives and how we spend them, we need to learn to focus, to give our attention to those things in our lives that are most important. We need to choose those things that waste our time and get them out of our lives.

Rather, we tend to get wrapped up in the multitude of things that compete for our attention and focus daily. This can lead to the important things getting left out. Learning to focus can help us get rid of distractions and live in a much more meaningful way.

Learning the martial arts and focus can help you set goals for yourself and see them through to completion. At the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts, Shifu Ahles is ready to help you learn to focus and reap the benefits of doing so. Call today at 201-385-3130 to get started learning to focus.

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