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In any worthwhile endeavor, the ability to harness mind power is essential for success. Top athletes are taught to visualize success. To “see” themselves going through the steps in their sport needed to be the best. They must use their mind power to achieve the best they can achieve.

The same thing happens in martial arts.

The most effective tool you have is your mind power. And not just in martial arts, but in every walk of your life. Your mind has infinite potential to help you grow and develop your skills. Harness this potential to improve your martial arts skills. One of the most powerful of the ways your mind power can help you is to focus your thoughts in one direction. This is similar to concentration, but more intense. Your thoughts, your concentration, must be directed to helping you achieve one goal, one accomplishment at a time. When you can do this, you are well on your way to becoming the best in your training.

If you have a break in your mind power, especially at a time when you should be focused on what is in front of you, your ability to use your skills will be diminished. This may come in a match with another martial artist or even at a time when your skills could be used to defend yourself or a loved one.

Clearly, your technique in the martial arts should become automatic. This is what you strive for. But even with every move and countermove imprinted in your muscles, if you have thoughts about something other than the opponent in front of you, those imprinted moves and countermoves won’t be available for you. Your mind works quickly to interpret what your opponent is doing and plan, then execute the appropriate movement. But only if you are focused on what is going on in front of you.

To keep yourself focused, to harness your mind power, requires practice. Practice and mental discipline. You must learn to clear your mind of everything except what is going on right in front of you right now.

Learning to control your mind power will help you perform better in whatever activity you’re participating. No matter if it’s learning and practicing forms or new techniques or doing your homework or completing a project at work.

And one place you can depend on to teach you the right way to harness your mind power is Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts. Call us today to get started on your learning adventure. Call Shifu Ahles at 201-385-3130 today!

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