Martial Arts and Perseverance

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When you think about one of your greatest accomplishments, you probably think about the perseverance it took for you to attain whatever it was. The hard work, the pushing of yourself to reach your goal in spite of the difficulty was well worth it at the end. That kind of perseverance is needed in martial arts training. In the beginning of your training, the practice may seem like fun. It may come easy. And the first few belts you earn may seem relatively easy.

But the amount and duration of practice grow harder to do quickly. As you continue to struggle toward the higher level belts, much more work is required. No longer is it fun all the time; now it become toil.

This is where perseverance is needed. Whatever you didn’t have when you began your training, continuing to push yourself to reach the goals you set instill the level of perseverance you need. When things get tough in training, your ability to draw on your perseverance can make the difference between failing and succeeding. Those times you’d like to stay home and rest or watch T.V. or play a video game are the times your perseverance kicks in and pushes you to go to your dojo.

Sometimes when the going gets really tough your thoughts may tend to lean toward the negative. Thoughts like, “I can’t do this today,” “This is just too hard,” or “I can’t get this movement down right.” That’s the time perseverance brought on by continuing to push yourself over and over to practice comes into play. Your instructors from early in your training encourage you, your peers in the dojo continue to urge you on, your own inner voice tells you to stick with it. That’s perseverance. You may sometimes think about quitting. That’s natural. The important thing is you keep pushing.

That’s perseverance.

There may be times you worry about failing. That, too, is natural. But life is full of the possibility of failure. Keep in mind you aren’t really entitled to anything, but need to strive to reach your goals and failure fades into the background.

So, does martial arts training teach you perseverance? Absolutely. And one place you can depend on to teach you the right way is Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts. Call us today to get started on your learning adventure. Call Shifu Ahles at 201-385-3130 today!

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