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As with anything of value, the concept of Oneness must be experienced to be understood. There is no intellectual path to understanding Oneness, except in the imagination of what it might be.

Think of it this way: if you were looking to find water you cannot dig little holes all over the place and expect to be successful. The only way to reach the water is to dig deep in one place. Your True Self is no different — to find it you must dig deeply inside, staying with one approach, proven to work by those who have gone before you, and not jumping around with a little of this and a little of that.

When you dig deeply you will eventually know, not just simply believe, “all that is” is what you are.

The mind is just like muddy water. If you keep the water still then the mud will settle and you can then see clearly. Still the mind, and you will also be able to see clearly.

You only can see your reflection in still water. Only then does it become like a mirror.

On a cloudy day, although you cannot see it, the sky is just as blue as ever. All that is needed is for the clouds to clear away to reveal what is already there.

To create the most exquisite sculpture, nothing is added, but much is removed. Only then can the rest of us see what the sculptor sees.

As long as you continue the habit to prove you’re right you will not experience Oneness. Whatever your issues and challenges may be, only being still reveals Oneness. Only then is it possible to clearly perceive the divine essence that you are.

Only through diligent and disciplined practice over time can we become fully conscious of our ways. Only by being fully conscious of our patterns can we begin to change these patterns and therefore our circumstances — all determined by how clearly we can see.

Originally Published in the Fall, 2006 as “Think On This… Oneness”

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