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This archived article list exists as a reference for students who are familiar with our former website and wish to find articles they are familiar with under their original title. All future articles will be featured in our blog. 

(Unless otherwise noted, all articles are written by Shifu Ahles)

"Yin & Yang" (Fall, 1996)

"Did we really need Bruce Lee?" (May, 1998)

"First Step" (May, 1998)

"Mastery" (Nov. '98)

"Yi Jing, The Book of Changes" (First half of 1998)

"Applied Yin & Yang" (Aug & Sept, 1999)

"Wu Xing, The Five Elements" (Late 1998-Early 1999)

"On Benevolence" by Gerard Servito (Oct, '99)

"Two Brothers" (March, 1999)

"Acquired Skill" (Nov, '99)

"So...What Do You Really Want?" (April, '00)

"Many Talk, Some Try, Few Do" (Oct, '00)

"On Sincerity" by Gerard Servito (Feb, '00)

"Winners and Losers" (June/July, '00)

"We're Living Longer, Right?...Think Again!" (Aug, '00)

"Always Practicing" (Sept/Oct, '00)

"Don't Worry, It's All In Your Head!" (Nov, '00)

"How Much Are You Willing To Give?" (Dec, '00/Jan, '01)

"Would You Be Willing To Do This?" (Dec, '00/Jan, '01)

"Instructional Series: The Magic of the Circle" (Apr, '01)

"Independence Day Special: "Bravery" (July, '01)

"Can Today's Wushu Stylist's Fight?" by Richard Albeen (July, '01)

"Lecture Series: The Mind" (Winter, '02)

"Many Ways To Deceive Yourself" (Winter, '02)

"Stretching For Action" (Spring, '02)

"More than A Warm-up" (Spring, '02)

"Dou Zhang: Your First Palm Exercise" (Summer, '02)

"Seize & Control" (Aug/Sept, '02)

"How Is Ba Gua Zhang Different Than Other Styles?" (October, '02)

"How Is Ba Gua Zhang Different? - Part 2" (Nov/Dec, '02)

"Sleep...The Real Fountain of Youth" (January, '03)

"The Reality of Self Defense" (April, '03)

"Good Question!" (July/Aug, '03)

"A New Friendship" (July/Aug, '03)

"The Power of Ch'i Kung" (Sept/Oct, '03)

"All About The Belt...I mean, 'Sash'" (Sept/Oct, '03)

"Good Question!" (Sept/Oct, '03)

"Ch'i Kung: The Martial Side" (Nov/Dec, '03)

"The Importance of Tradition" (Nov/Dec, '03)

"Good Question!" (Nov/Dec, '03)

"Our Logo: What Does It Mean?" (Jan/Feb, '04)

"What Is Zen?" (Jan/Feb, '04)

"Good Question!" (Jan/Feb, '04)

"A Breath of Fresh Energy" (Mar/Apr, '04)

"Your Breath Is Your Life" (Mar/Apr, '04)

"Good Question!" (Mar/Apr, '04)

"A Bit of History" (May/Jun, '04)

"The Lesson of the 'Lessons'" (May/Jun, '04)

"Good Question!" (May/Jun, '04)

"A Traditional Education" (Jul/Aug, '04)

"Training With A Master" (Jul/Aug, '04)

"While At The Dojang..." (Sep/Oct, '04)

"It's Not A Sport...It's A Discipline" (Sep/Oct, '04)

"Think On This..." (Sep/Oct, '04)

"There Are No Coincidences: My Story" (Nov/Dec, '04)

"Attitude Is Everything" (Nov/Dec, '04)

"Think On This..." (Nov/Dec, '04)

"Our Motto" (Mar/Apr, '05)

"How To Use Your Will" (Mar/Apr, '05)

"Think On This..." (Mar/Apr, '05)

"Nothing To Gain" (May/Jun, '05)

"Just A Cup Of Tea?" (May/Jun '05)

"Think On This..." (May/Jun, '05)

"Focus Takes Practice" (Jul/Aug, '05)

"Another Shot At The Ego" (Jul/Aug, '05)

"Knowing, Facing, and Overcoming Fear" (Sep/Oct, '05)

"Think On This...Facing Adversity" (Sep/Oct, '05)

"Finding The Greatness Within You" (Nov/Dec, '05)

"A Sense of Completion" (Nov/Dec, '05)

"Allowing The Art To Work Its Magic" (Jan/Feb, '06)

"YOU First" (Jan/Feb, '06)

"Improving Your 'Game' With Practice" (Mar/Apr, '06)

"All Together Now" (Fall, '06)

"Thanksgiving" by Mark Beckenback (Fall, '06)

"Think On This" (Fall, '06)

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"Think About It! Pa Kua Chang's Infinite Strategies" (Inside Kung Fu Magazine, May, 1995)

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