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Recommended Articles For Blue Dragon School Students (Getting Started): 

"Think About It! Pa Kua Chang's Infinite Strategies" (Inside Kung Fu Magazine, May, 1995)

"Yin & Yang" (Fall, 1996)

"Applied Yin & Yang" (Aug & Sept, 1999)

"Yi Jing, The Book of Changes" (First half of 1998)

"Wu Xing, The Five Elements" (Late 1998 - Early 1999)

"Instructional Series: The Magic of the Circle" (Apr, '01)

"Stretching For Action" (Spring, '02)

"More Than A Warm-up" (Spring, '02)

"Dou Zhang: Your First Palm Exercise" (Summer, '02)

"Seize & Control" (Aug/Sept, '02)

"How is Ba Gua Zhang Different" (Oct, '02)

"How Is Ba Gua Zhang Different - Part 2" (Nov/Dec, '02)

"The Reality of Self Defense" (April, '03)

"The Power of Chi Kung" (Sep/Oct, '03)

"Ch'i Kung: The Martial Side" (Nov/Dec, '03)

"Our Logo: What Does It Mean?" (Jan/Feb, '04)

"A Breath of Fresh Energy" (Mar/Apr, '04)

"A Bit of History" (May/Jun, '04)

"The Lesson of the 'Lessons'" (May/Jun, '04)

"A Traditional Education" (Jul/Aug, '04)

"While At The Dojang..." (Sep/Oct, '04)

"Practicing Together" (Jan/Feb, '05)

"Our Motto" (Mar/Apr, '05)

Also see: Ch'iang Shang Pa Kua Association website

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