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Take On The Teachings Of Kung Fu & Qigong In Our Adult Program

ADULTS PROGRAM (Ages 18 and Up)

Adults have lots of options for fitness and conditioning, but those who train in the martial arts get a lot more than just a great work out.

Our adult classes can provide the motivation and focus needed to adopt healthier lifestyle choices. Whether your goal is to improve physical fitness, sharpen mental focus, build self-defense skills, or get stress under control, the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts has classes to help you achieve your goals.

Learning practical and effective self-defense techniques is just the beginning – adults who train in the martial arts develop a focused and disciplined mindset that gives them an edge at work, in sports and in all aspects of life.

Our Adults Kung Fu style is called Ba Gua Zhang, the “Eight Trigram Palm” and at a minimum of 150 years old, it is the youngest of the Chinese martial arts. Key principles of related Chinese martial arts such as Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Xing Yi Quan, and even Tang Lang, “Praying Mantis” are all included within our style of Ba Gua Zhang, known for its quick, evasive footwork coupled with powerful palm striking methods to vulnerable targets so the bigger and stronger lose their advantage.

This makes the style of martial art we teach especially effective for women. Women who train in the martial arts develop a calm inner confidence. It's like getting the best of Yoga, Pilates and aerobics in a positive fun environment while also learning something practical every class. Our highly trained instructors lead every class, so you get the benefits of personal training along with the fun of being in the group.

As a student of Ba Gua Zhang at the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts you will experience a complete and well-rounded approach to training the body and the mind that includes: meditation, breathing exercises, Qigong (slow, moving meditation like Tai Chi), with advanced flexibility and mobility work (that keeps you aging gracefully and feeling young even into your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond!).

We invite you to come in, experience the quality of our instruction for yourself and meet our students - more than half of which have been with us for over ten years now!

It really all starts with a great staff, and great training. Our instructors all came up through our system, and we invest our time heavily in ongoing training.

With over 25 years in Bergenfield, NJ, the Blue Dragon School of Martial Arts is one of the oldest and most experienced martial arts schools in the area.


With over 35 years in the martial arts, Shifu Ahles’ commitment to authentic training methods is unmatched, and it shows. The average tenure of each instructor is over 10 years.

Blue Dragon School instructors’ unrivaled professionalism puts all egos aside, setting the stage for an amazingly friendly and supportive environment in every class. Come experience the quality of our instruction for yourself. From the 'Welcome Back' as you walk in, to the bow of respect to each other and at the beginning and end of every class, we leave nothing to chance and do everything we can to make every visit to the Blue Dragon School the best part of your day.

Here’s how it works: when you join, you pay $99 for your Startup Package – your uniform (T-shirt, pants, required shoes) and string backpack. You’ll get a password to the ‘Members Only’ section on the website with videos and downloads to help you learn and practice (Coming Soon!). Your first lesson is free, and your martial arts tuition isn’t due until day 28. If you can't stay with us for any reason, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership – no stress, no strings, no pressure.

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