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Our Ba Gua Zhang Program Covers Both The Slow And Fast Sides Of Traditional Training

Bagua Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial art that integrates both health and self-defense into a dynamic discipline that is great for men and women of all ages and experience levels. 

At Blue Dragon School Of Martial Arts, we are proud to treat people all across Bergen County to the fast and slow slides of Bagua Kung Fu.

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Combine Health And Self-Defense In Our Ba Gua Zhang Classes

The focus in our Bagua Kung Fu system is on real-world self-defense and total-body fitness. Rather than rely on drawn-out techniques and strategies, we help you focus on simple movements and maximum efficiency. The fast side is great for: 

  • Effective self-defense skills
  • Lean strength and weight loss
  • Incredible self-confidence

Get Started Today With Our Bagua Kung Fu Classes In Bergen County

Join us at Blue Dragon School Of Martial Arts and enjoy professional instruction in the art of Bagua Kung Fu. We're offering men and women all across Bergen County the chance to enjoy hands-on instruction and a safe, supportive environment.

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